Atelier 88 Galicia

The Red House Project

The Red House Project in Galicia

“We may not be able to raise the wind, but we can set sails so that when the wind comes we are ready.”

— E.F. Schumacher

The Red House Project in Galicia is a new initiative from the Atelier 88 crew of Lottie and Pedro Nevin assisted by Colin aka Bob, Wilma aka Lunes, The Three Puddha’s (our cats; Mumma Puddha, the ugly sisters Bhodi and Dharma), Andalusian Blue Chickens and Turkey Lurkey. For a world, in trouble, we found tranquility and creativity for ourselves, and extend this to our visitors, friends, and family. A place of contemplation and a sanctuary from the relentless pace of contemporary living. A place where we can be ready for when the wind blows.

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We moved the Atelier 88 project to Galicia, Northern Spain in June this year, we acquired the Red House in Manon near As Pontes.  The Red House Project methodology is inspired by integrative thinkers and scientists, artists, writers, and we celebrate all those who inspire us and inhabit our daily creative practice.

On a cloudless night recently, I walked out into the moonlight, it was a crisp October night at the onset of Autumn, the Moon was accompanied its coterie stars, it was a moment of joy and happiness. It reminded me of Samuel Palmers ‘Harvest Moon’. I felt as if I was at one with this vast universe for a brief moment and the interconnectedness of all things. But when I returned to my bed, I could not sleep for fear of a world in crisis, and after a fitful nights sleep, I awoke to the sun shining through the trees, the birds singing and the distant sound of the Rio Sor.

Red House at Mañón

Red House at Mañón

The Atelier 88 Galicia/AgB initiative 

Is a place of praxis in the tranquility and peace of the Galician countryside. We wish to encourage artists, designers, writers, and integrative thinkers to join us for creative practical dialogues that encompass cross-disciplinary projects. These projects can be put forward to Atelier 88 Galicia/ AgB for consideration.

The Angels of Georges Braque Collective: (AgB) was founded by Pete Nevin & Mikel Horl in 1994 in order to contribute to the advancement and evolution of Graphic Art. The range of International exhibitions that followed allowed the group to debate the diverse forms that constitute Graphic Arts and creates a dialogue about relevant contemporary issues.