Atelier 88 Galicia

Printmaking & Art Courses

Printmaking and art courses at Atelier 88 Galicia, these short courses cater for all abilities, encouraging those who have yet to find their creative spirit and practicing artists that wish for a dialogue with landscape and natural beauty of Galicia. We want to challenge and enable you. Our aim is to foster visual thinking centered on the premise that art can nurture personal transformation and awareness. By seeing the world afresh through encounters with nature, culture, and history, you will find yourself immersed in a visual landscape. On discovering those untapped energies which are within us all, we will awaken our creative spirit.

Atelier 88 Galicia seeks to promote a better understanding of ourselves through the restorative energies of the creative spirit. Making art as a meditation on life, on nature and the human presence in nature, ourselves as nature.