Atelier 88 Galicia

Deep Walk Courses

Spiritual teachers like Thích Nhất Hạnh and Satish Kumar profess the restorative values of walking, walking in nature, being within and part of it, immersed not separate, at one with the elemental.

Here at The Red House we are immersed in the essence of the natural world, around us we have some of the most engaging walks in Spain, our pilgrimages to nature. 

Our courses will provide a place, where you can to be restore the batteries, engage actively not just in the creative processes of painting writing and printmaking, but also to learn how to use old ovens for baking and cooking, and to share your own skills.

We need to become ever more aware of the crisis facing humanity, to be able to realise that this world is magical and enchanted, we must face up to our actions for a future that now hangs in the balance.

We will provide our guests attending the courses with experienced, passionate teachers, guided walking routes, for painting, drawing or just being at one with the beauty that is our world, gathering wood, walking the animals, being peaceful.

Each day will have a itinerary based on the walks and resting places along the Rio Sor, on the many beaches that are but 15 minutes away, a chance to visit the small ports O Barqueiro, Ortigueira and villages ‘Manon’ nearby, to experience being in ‘the space’, the here and now, a meditation of engaged thought.

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Please contact us for more detailed information tailored to suit your needs and your skills.