Atelier 88 Galicia

First Light Chores

In our isolation here some distance from our neighbours the day begins with the ‘first light’ chores of the day,  let the chickens out, feed, check on the Baggie (our lion sized Spanish Mastin; Baggins Balthasar De Leon) who patrols our fields and garden at night keeping us safe.

Baggie and Teddy last Autumn



















Then morning beverages, Tea for the lady and coffee for me, Wilma our lady dog, ‘the bossy one’ worms her way past and up the stairs and on to the bed for her morning love-in with Lottie.










The cats are now shouting and I fill their food bowls but wait that’s not enough, the Puddha (The Mother Cat/Queen of all She surveys) wants milk!! Next, we clean the Esse Ironheart stove for the days work ahead of it. Logs from the Log Store in the ‘barn’, we need more logs but getting dry wood is not easy.











Breakfast and then depending on the weather ‘is it and outside or inside chore day’?

We were lucky that we have had two days of beautiful balmy and warm sun on the happy gardeners, no breeze just fresh air and the sound of the river down below. As II walk to the compost under the trees I hear the intoxicating hum of bees in the Laurels whose scent for such a short and glorious time is a most heavenly, the sound of these winged angels keeping the world turning.

This week on Tuesday/Wednesday we planted, dug, made bio tea, cut back weeds and prepared the beds, put up the polytunnels x 2, reorganise the log store, strim the grass, cut overhanging branches. Thursday we worked in the studio and on the house.

Now with breakfast over and the sun warm enough to venture out from the armchair the cats (we have 3) sit watching the stone walls outside for iridescent lizards. Inside there are walls still to be finished with a lick of paint, the studio is now ready and we prepare for our work. Lottie is in the studio already and I contemplate going outside to draw, when this short missive is done I shall venture out accompanied by the gang, Mother Cat, Wilma, Baggie and Colin our first dog, who is the Richard Meldrew of the dog world.

I hope you are all well and keeping safe our thoughts as ever the Red House 88.


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