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Lottie Nevin

The Red House is a magical place, and I feel blessed that we have this opportunity to start afresh and to live in such a glorious part of the world. The path that we have taken is not always easy but it is certainly never dull and when I have time, I love to write about what we’ve been up to and our adventures. I hope that you enjoy our adventures and projects maybe they will inspire you to take that leap of faith and follow your dreams.

Pete Nevin



I was brought up in an intellectual environment centered on a Catholic Retreat centre called Spode House, part of a Dominican Priory in Staffordshire. At an early age, I was exposed to much religious, political, philosophical thought as well as the practical realities of daily life on a dairy farm. Attending seminars on Catholic doctrine and that of other Christian theologies, introduced to Buddhism, Theosophy, Humanism, dialectic on human existence and its relationship to the world through thought and action, I became a skeptic questioning rather than accepting, I remain skeptical. In the 1970’s I traveled widely, overland to India, across Canada; Toronto to Dawson City, Alaska. As a result of these formative experiences, I came to believe that all aspects of living are in flux, continually transforming, fragmentary and disorientating. I found that rather than claiming to ‘know’ I preferred the persistence of ‘unknowing’, that the relative comfort of childhood becomes the discomfort of being an adult. Our rootedness in the world changes into a sense of being uprooted, being on the road both in reality and metaphorically. That daily life is a series of changing discourses and identities that one adopts or has imposed. By assuming different masks, we protect ourselves from the contradictions and impositions of external forces. In the course of these years, I had evolved many selves, many identities. Now I accept much more about myself, more reflective, forgiving, my own mentor




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